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Sunday , May , 22 2022
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Triplets born on New Year’s Eve

Triplets born on New Year’s Eve

CAY HILL--There were no New Year's Day babies born in St. Maarten up to late Thursday. However, one woman became the proud mother of triplets delivered at St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) on New Year's Eve.

St. Maarten Animal Hospital staffer Diana Nicholson successfully delivered triplets just after 1:00pm on the last day of 2014. Triplets hadn't been delivered at SMMC in many years.

Diana Nicholson, a first-time mother, said she had been feeling pain and had gone to SMMC on December 29, where she was admitted. Her pain intensified and became unbearable, and she went into pre-labour. The babies were delivered by gynaecologist Dr. Courtar by caesarean section on Wednesday. Jaida was delivered first at 1:42pm, Aisha second at 1:43pm and Eliana third at 1:44pm. The babies, born at 32 weeks, are healthy and doing fine, the mother said.

Diana Nicholson said she had been aiming to carry the babies up to 34 weeks, but she was happy that they are doing fine. This is the first set of grandchildren for her parents. With three bundles of joy in one shot, Nicholson said she has no plans to make any more babies.

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