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Spaying or Neutering

Spaying or Neutering

We highly recommend spaying (surgical removal of the ovaries and uterus) of female pet and castration (surgical removal of the testicles) of male pet when they reach 6 months of age. For female dogs/cats, spaying greatly reduces the risk of uterine infections and breast cancer and eliminates unwanted pregnancies. For male dogs/cats, neutering eliminates the risk of testicular cancer and reduces the risk of prostate cancer and behavioral problems. Spaying or neutering does not cause a change in personality, guarding instincts, intelligence, playfulness, affection or weight. Spaying and neutering are major surgical procedures and as such require a pre-operative consultation with your veterinarian.




This consultation could reveal a variety of health concerns that may need to be addressed prior to undergoing anesthesia. During the consultation your pet will receive a full physical exam and various screening options will be discussed, such as pre-operative blood tests and an electrocardiogram (ECG). The blood test will provide information necessary to verify that the liver and kidneys can process the anesthesia, and may also alert the surgeon to any underlying infection or blood problems. The ECG shows the function and rhythm of your pet's heart. If all goes well with the pre-operative consultation, a surgery date is made for your pet. This can be scheduled as early as the day after the pre-operative consultation, and up to 30 days later.

On the day of the procedure, we will admit your pet between 7:30-9:00 am. One of our experienced technicians will provide your pet with personalized care throughout your pet's stay. During the procedure, we use the highest quality human-grade anesthesia, and monitor your pet's temperature, heart rate, and the oxygen level in the blood; while delivering IV fluids to help keep the core temperature stable and to expedite recovery (this procedure is optional but highly recommended). During recovery one of our experienced technicians remains with your pet ensuring (s)he is provided with warm blankets and kept pain free. After a routine recovery, the surgeon will call you with an update and will schedule a discharge time. 


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